" Love of Knowledge echoes in our hearts and nourishes great thoughts"


There are many ways to travel: for fun, to relax and get away, to explore and learn, or all these things at once. Each mode vehicles specific demands that require adequate answers, which often vary from case to case.

The Italian Treasures project is designed for those looking above all for an authentic experience of their destination’s people, culture, land and values. This, in turn, involves a comparison with their own world, their convictions, their customs, even their most intimate sphere.

It is the spiritual enrichment that derives from this that generates those unique emotions that will stay with them forever.

Starting from this premise, the Italian Treasures project only selects the best, not ostentation, but content, in the quality and authenticity of the goods, services, products and experiences that we offer.


​We invest meticulous research into creating an experience that meets the clients’ expectations.

This is why every solution that we propose is unique and unrepeatable because it has been organized taking not only the visitors’ demands into account, but also their particular characteristics.

Unique, exclusive and exciting experiences that are sure to leave visitors with vivid and enduring memories... 

"Beauty will save the World"

               Fedor Dostoevskij