Qualifying Regulations and Terms & Conditions


Meet in Med is a marketing project created, produced and managed by EMI - Eureka MICE International Ltd 230 Eucharistic Congress Road MST9093 Mosta - Malta. Company Reg. number C-54378.


Preliminary statement

For the purposes of a correct interpretation of rules included in these Regulations, we explain that the expression “Conference Product” means, in this text, the combination of the following supplies:

  • Conference Centre, satisfying the minimum requirements referred to in item 2;

  • Rooms in 5-4-stars Hotels: number at least equal to the Main Hall’s capacity

  • Catering area: capacity at least equal to the Main Hall’s capacity

  • Ancillary services such as: transfers, setups, technical equipment, catering, organization, translation, conference assistance and so on

Item 1

According to the provided formalities, the following organisations can take part in the Meet in Med project: Territorial Convention Bureaus, Tourist Organizations and Consortiums, Products Clubs and Territorial Networks, Hotels, Resorts, National Hotel Chains, Congress Centres, Conference Centres, Villas and Historical Locations, Country Hotels, Territorial and National DMCs, Private or Public Bodies which comply with the criteria set forth in the Regulations.


Item 2

Those who want to take part in the Meet in Med project are required to send to EMI – Eureka MICE International Ltd the specific form duly filled in and to prove they have the requirements provided for the Regulations.


Item 3

EMI will inform the Applicant as to whether the application is accepted or not, within 15 days from submission of application.  Once the application is formally accepted by EMI, the Applicant will immediately form part of the network.


Item 4

MEMBERS’ categories 

The following categories can apply for subscription to the Meet in Med project:  

  • Destinations (Convention Bureaus, Consortium, Clubs or other territorial networks) 

  • Facilities (Hotels, Conference Centre, Event Locations)  

  • National Hotel Chains    

  • Med Boutiques: Locations having less than 40 rooms or conference rooms with less than 200 seats (theatre style), such as: Hotels, Villas, Castles, Historical locations, Country Houses, Small Boutique Type.

  • Mediterranean Treasures  Locations of recognised historic-artistic and environmental prestige, 

  • DMCs (Territorial DMCs recognised by the reference destination or national ones)


Item 5

Members’ features


1. “Territorial Convention Bureau” is a legally formed Body whose aim is to coordinate and promote the Conference Product (as meant in the Preliminary Statement) of a “Destination”. It has to represent directly the majority of the qualified conference Offer of the Destination and, in any case, its mission has to be recognized by at least one local institution.

These Bodies must have an operational structure able to reply promptly to Customers’ requirements.

Access to services provided by the Convention Bureau cannot be binding for the Customer.


2. “Product Club, Consortium or territorial network” is a legally formed organization representing the Conference Product (as meant in the Preliminary Statement) of a Destination. Its aim is to offer a full Conference Product able to host events of at least 250 participants.

As far as the hotel accommodation is concerned, representation may also be guaranteed by written partnership agreements.

This organization must have an operational structure able to reply promptly to Customers’ requirements.

Access to services provided by this Organisation cannot be binding for the Customer.

For Product Clubs please refer to the deontological code of Territorial Clubs  


3. Conference Centre

A Conference Centre is a  premises  having halls dedicated and arranged for the realization of meetings and events, equipped with basic technical equipments according to the list, supplied with the necessary services for the intellectual and material comfort of attendees and able to provide for specialized multilingual staff, adequately experienced in the field.

The premises have to fulfil the following criteria:

the places which are utilised must be independent from other places devoted to other activities and must be a suitable location for the event;

  • Access to premises must not to be subject to any obstacle due to other structure’s activities;

  • Access to premises has to be allowed to disabled persons;

  • All safety measures in force must be observed, concerning fire prevention, emergency exits and so on.

  • Several rooms of different size, of which one with capacity of a minimum of 250 seats, at least 3 ancillary rooms for smaller meetings, areas for catering for 250 people, offices for services;

  • Clear and full documentation about the structure, the furniture and the technical equipment must be available. In particular, it is necessary to have scaled plans including architectural elements like columns, stairs and so which could affect the use of the rooms. Moreover, further technical information (i.e. about connections and electrical power) are required.

  • Conference rooms have to be equipped with the following:

    • air-conditioning;  

    • adequate electrical power for the lighting, projections and PA system, well-distributed in the conference room itself;

    • socket located close to the stage;

    • dimming systems and sound-insulation

    • number of armchairs or chairs corresponding to the stated capacity;    

    • stage or dais (for rooms having capacity greater than 100 seats

    • chairman’s table and podium;  

    • screen suitable for the room’s size according to the technical charts (relation between distance/background and room/screen height)

    • PA system and microphones (for rooms having capacity greater than 50 seats)

    • suitable area for simultaneous translation equipment and recording of reports, with guarantee of good reception

    • Comfortable working conditions for interpreters, technicians and the reception services.

If the above-mentioned services/equipments are not directly available within the premises, the structure has to be able to provide them all the same


4. Hotel is a facility having areas suitable for the MICE, meeting the requirements listed in this item and an adequate hotel capacity.


5. Territorial DMCs

Territorial DMCs are Agencies and conference organizers working in a specialised way in one or more destinations. They are required to prove, through suitable documentation, that they are institutionally charged of representing the destination/s.


6. National DMCs

National DMCs are Agencies and conference organizers specialised in supplying Buyers with support and assistance in the whole national territory, without distinction.  Companies wishing to subscribe in this category must prove this specialisation through suitable documentation.


7. Med Boutiques 

Locations having less than 40 rooms or conference rooms with less than 200 seats (theatre style), such as: Hotels, Villas, Castles, Historical locations, Country Houses, Small Boutique Type.

8. Mediterranean Treasures  (Italian Treasures, etc.) Locations of recognised historic-artistic and environmental prestige, 

  EMI will evaluate new organizations’ applications according to the above-mentioned criteria. Qualitative standards will be evaluated even through inspection visit, which has to be hosted by the organization upon EMI’s request.


Item 6


Deontological rules for the establishment of a territorial “Club”, recognised by Meet in Med.

  • The “Territorial Club” must represent a qualitative selection of the destination’s Offer and have an organizational “Client oriented” coordination, able to develop excellent services systems, for the international Demand’s needs.

  • No particular legal form  is necessary for the Territorial Club’s recognition but a letter of intent, signed by all members, stating the clear intention to create a partnership for systemizing their services, whose aim is the destination promotion and the acquisition of events.

  • The document must identify clearly the “coordinator”, that is the subject who represents and acts in the name of and on behalf of the network.

  • The coordinator has to act in a “Client oriented” way, solely in the interests of the Buyer. His definite commitment is to optimise the return for the subscribing members but without any obligation which could jeopardize the proposal’s outcome.

  • The services system promoted by the Club cannot be limited to the signatories of the agreement but, according to the Customer’s needs, may provide for third parties partnership and supply, if these are necessary or more suitable to the Customer’s needs.

  • Rate system must be transparent, showing clearly the costs referred both to services provided by the members and by third parties.

  • All rates indicated in the Club’s proposals must be in line with single Suppliers’ costs and, in any case, never superior.

  • Any organizational and agency fees have to be listed separately.

  • Proposals must expressly indicate that service costs “do not include” organizational and agency fees. If required,  organizational and agency fees have to be indicated separately, even in short.

  • The coordinator is appointed as “quality controller” too.

  • The name of the Club is formed by the term “Club” followed by the destination or territory’s name to represent.

  • Proposals have to be drawn up in Club letterhead and the coordinator’s data has to be well-rendered, professional or company. Furthermore it must quote a Club’s presentation, its aims and operational procedures.

  • Invoices may be issued both from single Suppliers and from the Network or the Coordinator.

  • EMI reserves the right to accept subscription applications from Territorial Networks/Clubs after an evaluation of the features.  EMI’s decision is not appealable.

  • To protect both the Buyers and other Players, EMI will constantly control the Club’s fair behaviour related to proposals and actions towards Customers. If deontological rules are not followed, the irregular Club/Network will be immediately expelled.  


Item 7 

EMI, through its representative or delegate persons, represents the project, agrees with the plans, the initiatives, the fees and the projects.


Item 8 

Members cease to be part of the Meet in Med project because of withdrawal, loss of benefits or exclusion.


Item 9

A member can withdraw from the following years membership with notice to be sent through e-mail addressed to EMI within three months before the expiration of the subscription. If themember fails to cancel, the subscription will be automatically renewed. The member must have proof of the reception of the cancellation. Withdrawal becomes effective from the end of the solar year.


Item 10

The registration is valid for 1 (one) solar year from the date of registration. The membership is automatically renewed each year if the Supplier doesn't cancel the subscription (see item 9).


Item 11

Member’s forfeiture can be declared by EMI in case of cessation or loss of requirements necessary to be a member.


Item 12

EMI decides about exclusion in compliance with the Law and when a member doesn’t fulfil the terms of the Regulations.


Item 13

If a member ceases to be part of the project, no refund is provided. In any case, members are responsible for any commitment made to EMI until the date of cessation.

Item 14 - Subscribing fees

Subscribing fees must be paid to EMI annually,  upon receipt of  invoice by email from EMI.

In case of delay in payment, the fee will be automatically updated with the late payment interests. After the failure of formal reminder, EMI is authorized to a compulsory retrieval of the amount.


Item 15 - Arrears

In case of enduring arrears both for the subscribing fee and for the promotional services/participation fees, and after the failure of formal reminder, EMI reserves the right to stop the services until the collection of the outstanding amount.

The member is anyhow compelled to pay the subscription and services fees, even if it doesn’t temporarily benefit from them


Item 16 - Participation in Fair Shows

The following rules are applied to participants in Show within the Meet in Med stand:

  • sponsors (authorized by EMI) and members who are up to date with the payments (subscribing and participation fees) can benefit from the “Representation” or “Presence” service at the Meet in Med stand;

  • EMI reserves the right to accept registrations received after the deadline, even if it can request a higher fee;

  • all members are represented in promotional material, handed out at Trade Shows and distributed at other events

  • only members having subscribed to the “Presence” service can be at the stand; members subscribing "Presence" attendance must pay a fee

  • registered members have to carry out their activity within the stand, in the area which will be provided by the EMI stand manager, without interfering (unless they are asked for consultation) with the staff managing the promotion and Buyers’ reception; 

  • It is forbidden to leave any visible packing materials, boxes and similar. Only the necessary documentation for distribution and communication can be left visible;

  • it is possible to store only one box (max size cm: 50X 30X 40) inside the small storage room inside the stand;

  • it is forbidden to use destination marks different from the ones provided;

  • each exhibitor is liable for the care and order both of the desk used for the meetings and of the stand in general;

  • each exhibitor is the only keeper of any object and material taken at the stand;

  • EMI is not responsible for any shortage (cash or materials) occurred within the stand

  • the exhibitor is directly responsible for any damage caused by him both to items or furniture;

  • All members having subscribed to the “Representation” or “Presence” service and up to date with payments, will receive the list of profiled contacts of their interest, within 3 business days from the end of the Show. 

Item 17 - Applicable law

This agreement is regulated according to the Maltese law.


Item 18 - Jurisdiction 

The Court of Valletta, Malta shall have exclusive juridisdiction over any disputes between EMI/Meet in Med and the Member relating to the terms and conditions here mentioned concerning the subscription to Meet in Med network.


Document drafted in April 2016